Cocktails d'été


Cocktail Catering 

     Exceptional & unique Bar Services.

Creativity and Presentation combined with outstanding service boast years of experience in the field, ensuring innovation and high quality into’’ Bar gastronomy '', drinks abound with inventive interpretations and modern creations based on your event


Atelier cocktail

After cooking classes, dance classes, extreme sensation activities or even wine tastings, a new activity is in fashion for girls' life organizations: the cocktail workshop. If the future bride appreciates cocktails, the bachelor party is the perfect opportunity to enroll her in a cocktail learning course, with or without alcohol.


Wedding Cocktail Bar 

A wedding is a unique occasion, let us help you make yours unforgettable with modernist cocktails and bespoke bar decor. We will work directly with you or your wedding planner to ensure that our cocktails and setup perfectly match your personality and the aesthetic of your wedding. Whether you are planning an intimate reception or a wedding with a large guest list, outdoors or indoors, we can accommodate your needs while creating the best possible experience; one that your guests will never forget.

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