Corporate Events

Corporate Events


Organization of workshop / cocktail workshop for professional events. Spanning a maximum of three hours, the price of the activity is based on a group of ten people and amounts to 45 euros per participant. Travel costs vary depending on the region and the number of kilometers (0.34 cents / km).

Of course, we come here with our equipment, our juices and our quality spirits. Regarding the activity, our team of professionals makes a point of making this moment a great moment by organizing challenges and offering games to the participants. Fun activities to share our passion and teach you techniques for creating two to three cocktails.

In order to make the experience unique, our team is here to advise you by taking into account your tastes and expectations.

Work process

In order to make the game attractive and fun, two equal teams will be formed with the sole objective of achieving the best cocktail. An entertaining animation that takes place in several stages:

Once the presentations are made, our professional bartender will begin by explaining the basics to apply to create a delicious cocktail. To do this, he will share his knowledge of the distinction and marriage of different flavors, before explaining the role of utensils. Finally, it will reveal the tip of presentation of the cocktail so that it has a magnificent visual rendering.

The participants will be divided into groups by affinity and each team will be challenged to achieve the best cocktail in relation to a theme or a color defined in advance.

At the end of the activity and the time allotted, the teams will have the task of presenting their realization to the jury (composed of the bartender and three other people defined by the group) so that they give notes relating to the taste, originality and presentation. The team that scores the most points is voted the big winner and will receive surprise gifts.